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  • Nilsa! - I did the exact same thing with my bullfighter outfit! - I used a slender, jointed Ken doll body from the "Ice Skating" Ken and then used a handsome GI Joe doll head on which I "modified" the face-paint (black eye-liner + brick-red lips) and then made adjustments to the outfit for a better fit - I glued gold ribbon roses onto his shoes and he is now Rudolph Valentino as he appeared in the sensational silent film "Blood & Sand" (1922) based on the novel by Ibanez - need to get my partner to make some photographs to share!
    • Viktor!! Sorry for the late reply! I will love to see photos of your bullfighter! Sounds very handsome...looking like Valentino :)
  • You are welcome Simon.

  • Admin
    Thanks Nilsa for the birthday song! I am very proud to share by birthday with Ken!! :D
  • Happy St. Patrick's Day from Ken!!

  • Today is Ken birthday and also Simon's birthday.

    Let's sing!!





    Barbie is not impressed...

  • Going to a Christmas benefit ball

  • Romantic Christmas dinner with the girlfriend...

  • Going Christmas shopping with a friend!!

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