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  • I'm not sure where to post questions so I'm sorry if this is the wrong place :( anywho, I've been trying to re root my fashion royalty and have a really hard time finding a needle to fit the smaller holes. It just makes a bigger hole the hair falls out of... I probably sound like an idiot. But if anyone could help me out with an easier way to reroot or the size needle I should use that would be awesome. Thanks guys!!
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    A warm welcome to all our recent new IT group members :)
  • I have a question about the girls on the FR2/Jem and Color Infusion body. I wanted to know if these girls can wear Barbie clothes like the other girls can? I'd really like to get one of these girls with that body type, But at the same time I don't because I'd hate to get one and have nothing! for them to wear.
    • Sure, most clothes will fit them well. Mybe pants will be short on FR and Color Infusion. They're a bit taller than Barbies. The only thing you might have problems with is shoes, Jem and Color Infusion Dolls have much bigger feet. I found out the hard way, hehehe!! They had to be barefoot for a while until I got some pairs for them. Barbie shoes will fit most of the rest of Fashion Royalty dolls.
    • Oh thanks, for the info! So for the most part barbie fits them just not the shoes for Jem and Color Infusion? But they would fit on the FR2 I'm thinking that a regular FR2 girl would be the way to go.
  • I love the new Dynamite Girls - especially Tooka and Susie.

    Now I need to sell, sell, sell some other stuff to see if I can get the former on the secondary market and the later - if possible.
  • Thanks Michaela for you reply, I feared so, luckily Isabel sent me some pics of Hommes wearing Ken trousers so I'll be able to create a pattern before Lukas will arrive! 

  • Hi Nora, I would say no, Ken's legs are shorter and his bud is smaller.

  • Help needed!

    I just bought my first "Homme" (Lukas) anybody knows if Ken trousers fits him? I know they will be short but I need to sew him something soon as he's going to arrive home stark naked (poor guy)


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    Hi Nora,

    Yes it is very exciting to see what is in store for W Club in 2014. I will start a thread with more details 

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